Built on 20 years of innovation and integration know-how, Tobii’s eye tracking, attention computing, and AI technologies deliver critical value to manufacturers and automotive suppliers throughout the vehicle lifecycle — from research, UX/design and production, to buyer and driver experiences. Many automotive industry labs rely on our technologies to carry out non-invasive behavioral research. Using eye tracking enabled glasses or VR headsets, OEMS and designers gain objective and data-based feedback throughout the design process. The same technology provides showroom designers with feedback about premium layout and advertising placement. And once a vehicle is in use, our technology can leverage driver-facing cameras and signals from a range of vehicle sensors to generate alerts and warnings when drivers show signs of dangerous behavior.  


Driver monitoring systems

Research shows that two-thirds of drivers are distracted in the seconds before an accident. Speeding, driving under the influence, drowsiness, and distraction are among the main contributory factors, and sudden incapacitation has become a growing issue as our populations age. To address the issue, countries around the world are adopting the concept of Vision Zero — no deaths or serious injuries on roads — bringing new regulations into force that mandate the use of driver monitoring systems (DMSs) in all vehicles. These systems leverage signals from a range of vehicle sensors, like the speedometer and driver cams, to generate alerts and warnings when drivers show signs of dangerous behavior. Tobii DMS is a modular in-vehicle middleware application that delivers customizable feature signals about driver state in real time.

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