10 minute webinar

Transforming brain and vision care with AI and eye sensor technology

Why you should watch this webinar

Digital diagnosis solutions for cognitive conditions and brain health require adequate and relevant data, as well as quantitative and objective data. However, most of today’s technical solutions rely on underlying manual and scarce measurements, making it difficult to apply AI and create data-driven solutions. Tobii’s contribution to innovative health tech is to provide the data to build intuitive AI-based solutions used for screening and analysis of cognitive, neurological and visual conditions.

Sit back and enjoy our 10 minute overview of transforming brain and vision care with AI and eye sensor technology.


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Meet the speaker


Amanda Bentley

Director of Sales and Business Development


I have worked with eye tracking and its application for over a decade. My primary areas of expertise are psychology, research, and eye tracking in healthcare.

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About Tobii

Tobii is a global company with offices located in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, supported by a global network of resellers.

  • Founded in 2001
  • 600 employees (with one-third in R&D)
  • Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (TOBII)
  • Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, with 14 offices around the globe
  • 700 patents

More on how eye tracking works

Placed on or within a device interface eye tracking captures a person’s eye movements and characteristics, calculating a range of useful data points including presence, attention, and gaze point as well as the position of a person’s eye and pupil size. An application can leverage this data for device interaction or to solve a problem.

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