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Our flexible product portfolio includes a range of USB peripherals, compact integration platforms, as well as the services you need to realize your innovation

Universal eye tracking

The complexity of a basic eye tracker is relatively low when compared with a solution that needs to work for everyone, everywhere.

Tobii eye tracking systems are designed for universal application, supporting natural freedom of movement, and use in varying environments. Our technology provides accurate user biometrics and data related to what the user is looking at.

If you are developing an application or building a new product that would benefit from intuitive user interaction, new types of collaboration, or perhaps one that analyzes human behavior, our eye tracking solutions might be what you’re looking for. 

USB peripherals

Tobii Eye Tracker 5L

The Tobii Eye Tracker 5L is a USB peripheral engineered for innovation. Designed to be mounted on any device, screen, or monitor, this eye tracker delivers real-time data streams including gaze point, eye position, pupil diameter, user presence, and head pose. With two run modes and a maximum gaze sample rate of 120Hz, the Tobii Eye Tracker 5L is our fastest peripheral yet — perfect for building professional products and applications.

USB peripherals

Tobii Eye Tracker 5

The Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is the only PC gaming accessory that delivers high-performance head and eye tracking data for streaming and immersive gaming. In addition, the solution provides game analytics and support for security features such as Windows Hello login.

For more details on Tobii Eye Tracker 5 visit:


Screen-based products

Compact integration platforms designed as embeddable screen components for new products and devices.

Tobii IS5 Integration Platform

Is a compact and power-efficient eye tracking and biometric platform with a modular design for seamless integration with both consumer and purpose-built devices. Based on our unique sensor technology and patented image processing, Tobii IS5 delivers real-time data streams for developing intuitive machine interfaces and new solutions that rely on accurate and precise head-and-eye metrics.

Tobii IS5XT Integration Platform

Operating at 250Hz, the Tobii IS5XT is our fastest eye tracking and biometric platform to date. Built with our unique sensor technology, its high-performance tracking and patented image processing deliver precision data points, such as fixational eye movements and microscopic changes in pupil size. With its slim form factor, this platform is ideal for integration in purpose-built devices and screens.


PCs and laptops

Enable your laptop or notebook with an integrated eye tracking solution to provide users with natural and intuitive control over their device.

Our IS5 technology platform is compact and flexible to enable smooth integration with a broad range of consumer devices.

Embedded processing is performed with the Tobii EyeChip™. Our integration kit includes the PCA integration module, integration guidelines, licensing, and software.

Laptop integrations

IS5BE-940—invisible, small, modular. Optimized for integration into gaming laptops. Add the newest eye tracking technology into new slimmer form factor 15” laptops. Invisible IR illuminators mean that users will not be able to see the red light when the eye tracking is active.

Alienware laptop equipped with Tobii eye tracking


Tobii Aware

Tobii Aware is a PC solution that detects presence, attention, intent and even user identity, helping employees to effortlessly uphold security policies.


Tobii Horizon

Tobii Horizon is a PC application that leverages sensor data captured by an RGB camera to deliver real-time 6DoF head-tracking. Installed on the factory image, it provides advanced game control — straight out of the box.


VR and AR

Implement eye tracking in your VR or AR headset with custom development or reference designs using our eye tracking technology.


Driver monitoring systems

Research shows that two-thirds of drivers are distracted in the seconds before an accident. Speeding, driving under the influence, drowsiness, and distraction are among the main contributory factors, and sudden incapacitation has become a growing issue as our populations age. To address the issue, countries around the world are adopting the concept of Vision Zero — no deaths or serious injuries on roads — bringing new regulations into force that mandate the use of driver monitoring systems (DMSs) in all vehicles. These systems leverage signals from a range of vehicle sensors, like the speedometer and driver cams, to generate alerts and warnings when drivers show signs of dangerous behavior. Tobii DMS is a modular in-vehicle middleware application that delivers customizable feature signals about driver state in real time.


Near-eye solutions

Tobii’s VR and AR integration solutions work well in other near-eye products, such as an ophthalmology solution or in a microscope. If you are working in this area, and want to know more about how eye tracking might help you, we’d like to hear from you.


Professional services

The best solutions are the ones we create together.

We are the eye tracking experts, and we believe in collaborating closely with customers to ensure the benefits of eye tracking are maximized for users and your solutions. We have found that the best way to kick off a project is to start by workshopping, where we talk about eye tracking technology, your use cases, what constraints you may have, so that you can streamline your solution build. Some of the aspects, we can help you with include: 

  • How to implement eye tracking calibration 
  • Building the interaction experience with eye tracking so it it fits naturally with your product and use cases
  • Understanding use eye tracking data  and how best to use it in your application
  • Develop tests and reports for your use cases
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