Smart sensor software for OEMs

Integrate our software solution to make your devices smarter, safer, and in tune with the people who use them.

Privacy and security

Increase security and the feeling of privacy through user identification and automatic presence and peeker detection to blur and lock screens.

Productivity and wellbeing

Improve productivity, convenience and digital health. Provide insights and data into screen time and computer usage.

Power and performance

Save power and CPU performance in an unobtrusive way with screens that dim and react to user presence.

All possible with Windows Hello or RGB camera systems

Premium computers need to stand out. Enable intelligent, intuitive and insightful experiences with a software solution that makes the most of your compatible camera.

Enhanced capabilities

Bringing a range of capabilities to your camera system with Tobii Aware.

Windows Hello
Wake on presence

A new era of smart PCs

Tobii Aware features that improve the user experience in subtle, but powerful ways.

Safe to work in any environment

Features include:

  • Privacy screen with continuous ID authentication — screen blurs when the user looks away, with rapid un-blur for the correct active user
  • Auto-lock — automatically lock Windows when no user is present
  • Windows Hello — enterprise-grade security login using face recognition (provided by Windows Hello camera system)
  • Peeker detection — uses subtle visual clues to let you know when a someone behind you is looking at your screen, with automatic or reaction-based privacy screen activation to protect information in scenarios that require a high level of privacy

Increased productivity, convenience, and wellbeing

Features include:

  • Productivity — enable intuitive interactions for your intelligent device, such as stay awake on presence, warp mouse and windows across multiple screens, un-dim, or wake-on-approach
  • Wellbeing data — measure daily usage and track habits such as screen time, user position, distance to screen, and break time to provide statistics and healthy reminders

Efficient battery and CPU power usage

Features include:

  • Dim screen — screen brightness automatically dims when the user looks or steps away
  • Smart detection — intelligent use of signals, tracking, and illumination control to maintain low power usage with high-quality presence detection


System and hardware requirements for Tobii Aware

OS Windows 10 October 2018 Update
System Requirements 2.0 GHz, Intel i5 or i7, 8 GB RAM
Camera Standard RGB or Windows Hello camera systems

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More information on integrating Tobii Aware.

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