Prioritize security, privacy and wellbeing with Tobii Aware.

Integrate our smart sensor software to make your devices smarter, safer, and more in tune with the people who use them.

A new era of smart PCs

Tobii Aware is a set of smart features that enable users to increase their privacy, security, productivity, and wellbeing while using a PC.

Our software can detect real-time user presence, understand human attention and intent, and anticipate the user’s needs. It can be integrated into a wide range of personal computing products by making use of the built-in RGB webcam.

Security and privacy made easy

With increased mobility, people regularly work from public spaces, like coffee shops and airports, making them more vulnerable to visual hacking. Tobii Aware enables PC OEMs to support customers’ needs and increase their data protection.

Features include:

  • Privacy screen with continuous ID authentication — The screen blurs when the user looks away and refocuses for the correct active user.
  • Auto-lock — The computer automatically locks when the correct user is not present.
  • Peeker detection — Protect the information on the screen from shoulder surfing. The software gives subtle visual clues to let you know when another person looks at the screen, with optional automatic or reaction-based privacy screen activation.

Enhanced productivity and wellbeing

Now more than ever, users spend most of their time in front of screens. As this trend continues, we need devices to help customers increase productivity and wellbeing seamlessly. Tobii Aware features do just that.

Features include:

  • Digital wellbeing insights – Measure daily usage and track habits such as screen time, user position, distance to screen, and break times to provide insights and healthy reminders.
  • Stay awake – The computer will not dim or sleep when the user is present but inactive. It stays awake as long as the correct user is in front.
  • Dim screen – Improve power efficiency in a natural and unobtrusive way. Your screen brightness will dim and undim when you step away and come back.
  • Windows Snap – Makes the user’s life easier by snapping the selected window to whatever screen the user is looking at.
  • Warp mouse pointer – Helps the user find the cursor by moving the pointer to the screen the user is looking at.
"By integrating the Tobii Aware software solution into our latest MSI Summit and Prestige Evo Series laptops, we are bringing new innovations to our users to reinforce the importance of security and privacy."
Clark Peng
MSI Notebook Division, Vice President of Product Management

How to integrate Tobii Aware

Tobii Aware is shipped in the UWP app Tobii Experience, which is installed on the initial computer factory image. Within the Tobii Experience App, users can toggle features on and off, adjust settings to their preference and learn how to use the software.

For more information on integrating Tobii Aware:


System and hardware requirements for Tobii Aware

OS Windows 10 October 2018 Update
System Requirements 2.0 GHz, Intel i5 or i7, 8 GB RAM
Camera Standard RGB or Windows Hello camera systems
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