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Eye tracking — an innovation catalyst for healthcare

Session #2: Eye tracking — future of medical assessments and treatment

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Eye tracking — an innovation catalyst for healthcare​

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Due to the significance of eye movement patterns in medical research, eye tracking has a vital role to play in the detection and treatment of some of the world’s most prevalent diseases. Inventive companies are capitalizing creating new tools, changing healthcare for the better – benefits of these tools: objective, quick and easy, can be done remotely in many instances, engaging and fun in some cases.

Amanda Bentley (Director of Sales and Business Development—Tobii Tech)

This session originally aired on June 25, 2020

Watch session #1: Eye tracking 101

Eye tracking — an innovation catalyst for healthcare. In this first session, Eye Tracking 101, Amanda Bentley (Director of Sales and Business Development — Tobii Tech) talked about the fundamentals of eye tracking and how this technology can be used in the healthcare industry.

This session originally aired on May 20, 2020

Meet the speaker

Amanda Bentley

Director of Sales and Business Development

Tobii Tech

I have worked with eye tracking and its application for over a decade. My primary areas of expertise are psychology, research, and eye tracking in healthcare.

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