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Eye tracking delivers the data. 
The genius is what you do with it.

Applications, integration, and user experience

Eye tracking is an enabling technology, capable of enhancing devices and user experiences. Our intial partnerships have primarily been in the medical and gaming sectors. And there’s a simple explanation for this.  

A significant amount of medical research has been carried out into the correlation between eye movement patterns and early detection of certain diseases. When it comes to gaming, there is a connection between expert gameplay and how a gamer scans game content. Our eye tracking technology clearly shows how the eye movements of an expert gamer differ from those of a novice.

We believe that many existing applications can be enhanced with eye tracking, and that a wide range of beneficial solutions have yet to be invented. To this end, we have created a Software Development Kit (SDK) to unleash the power of eye tracking.

Alienware laptop equipped with Tobii eye tracking

Tobii Engine SDK

Tobii Engine is the middleware that provides application developers access to the data generated by a Tobii eye tracker. Through an API, the engine exposes eye tracking data streams, which include information such as the user’s gaze point, eye position, presence, and head pose.

In addition to eye tracker data, the engine can communicate with other peripherals, tp enrich the stream with inputs from a keyboard, mouse, or touchpad, for example. This type of interactivity supports identify-and-select with multiple input devices.

Interactivity can be built into applications through the use of gaze-to-object mapping, which translates gaze coordinates into application objects, such as buttons, menu items, or objects on the screen.

The engine and associated tools enable rapid and easy development of innovative and practical applications that exploit the benefits of eye tracking to create valuable user experiences

Stream Engine

The low-level API that delivers streamed eye tracking data.

For the purposes of development consistency and maintainability, as well application use, the Stream Engine interface ensures that your applications and solutions remain de-coupled from the underlying eye tracking software and hardware.

Basic eye tracking concepts


the point on the screen where your eyes are looking


the positions of your eyes relative to the screen


senses the presence of a person in front of the screen


points on the screen where your eyes linger

Tobii Tech — basic eye tracking concepts


knows when the eye-gaze enters and leaves the region

Tobii Tech — basic eye tracking concepts


can be clicked or focused using eye-gaze

Tobii Tech — basic eye tracking concepts


can be scrolled or panned using eye-gaze

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