Why choose Tobii?

Tobii offers industrial grade eye tracking as a compact, autonomous, and adaptive platform.

Why choose Tobii?

To be a viable proposition for consumer devices, as well as enterprise and industrial applications, the prerequisites for eye tracking technology are tough and varied. Data needs to be consistently accurate, users want to sit naturally and not be constrained by uncomfortable and invasive equipment, the solution should work for everyone, be compact, and use little or no resources on the host machine.

In addition, industry-grade eye tracking needs to be delivered in a flexible way to adapt to the specific demands of any given application. With a vision to humanize technology, Tobii strives to meet all these conditions and evolve as our partners and their technologies develop.

We deliver

  • Consistent data accuracy
  • Robust tracking
  • Freedom of movement
  • Device performance
  • Ease of integration

Consistent data accuracy

The accuracy of eye tracking data is a significant factor for most use cases. Accuracy ensures that users, for example, can select objects on a screen and that eye movement measurements can be used to diagnose medical conditions. Accurate data safeguards correct conclusions.

The challenge is maintaining accuracy as environmental parameters change; as users move, if the device moves, when ambient light changes, or if the user has not calibrated for some time.

Robust tracking

For use in consumer and industry applications eye tracking needs to work for the widest variety of users and varying physical environments.

Overcoming the challenges posed by characteristics such as droopy eyelids, long eyelashes, thick prescription glasses, protective eyewear, and contact lenses is key. As is the need to be insensitive to the presence of light in the user’s environment.

Freedom of movement

Widespread use of products and solutions that include eye tracking requires equipment design that allows the user to sit and move naturally, without invasive equipment. The challenge is to maintain data quality for different types of devices as the user moves around.

Device performance

Resource optimization is a success factor for most products and applications, and critical for solutions that comprise multiple components delivered by a range of suppliers.

The Tobii EyeChip SoC ASIC performs the intense algorithmic calculations required to deliver accurate eye tracking data in real time, avoiding load on host CPU/GPU. Transferring just the data to the host solution ensures minimum load on the host bus.

Ease of integration

Development of consumer products and custom solutions relies heavily on the ability to integrate new components into existing designs with minimal impact. Tobii’s solutions are designed to be compact and modular with additional ease-of-integration through a standard USB interface.

What Tobii offers

In comparison to any other eye tracking solution available Tobii solutions provide:

  • More consistent data accuracy than any other eye tracking technology available
  • For a more comprehensive range of people and conditions
  • Performance across larger freedom of movement (in all dimensions)
  • A reduction on CPU consumption, bus load, and power.

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