Webinar: How to turn eye tracking research into EdTech innovation

January 26, 2022 | 4-5 PM CET / 10-11 AM EST

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  • How groundbreaking research into reading, attention, and learning behavior can be meaningfully applied in EdTech. 
  • Success stories from research to commercialization. 
  • How eye tracking works as a catalyst for innovative EdTech solutions. 
  • How educational practices are being transformed across the world with AI and eye tracking technology.  

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  • Presentation from Brainleap – hear about: 
    • How gaze-driven video games can train attention skills and the part eye tracking plays. 
    • The power of combining assessments and training to offer a personalized learning path.  
    • Challenges with early eye trackers. 
  • Presentation from Lexplore – hear about: 
    • How Lexplore uses eye tracking and AI to provide schools with fast and accurate reading assesments.  
    • How predictive modelling helps to differentiate high and low risk subjects.  
    • How Lexplore’s recording database allows them to track reading development. 
  • Experiences of research to commercialization with Brainleap and Lexplore 
  • Q&A with the audience 

Meet the speakers


Amanda Bentley (Host)

Director of Sales and Business Development


Amanda has worked with eye tracking and its application for over a decade. Her primary areas of expertise are psychology, research, and eye tracking in healthcare.


Jeff Coleman



Jeff is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and an experienced entrepreneur and digital marketer. He has worked with many small and growing businesses over the past 20 years – from biotech to software to fashion photography. Jeff has a passion for helping children reach their full potential. 


Dr. Leanne Chukoskie

Ph.D., Chief Science Officer


In collaboration with Dr. Jeanne Townsend, Leanne conceptualized BrainLeap’s attention training games and assessments, ensuring they incorporate the elements necessary to train and accurately measure attention. Leanne is an Associate Professor at Northeastern University where her lab develops sensor-enabled experiences for assessment, intervention, and education, especially for individuals with developmental differences. 


Steve Siegel



Steve has spent 25 years in ed-tech with roles ranging from product management to strategy to corporate and business development and international business. He leads the Lexplore business in the USA as its President and is passionate about Lexplore’s mission to improve the world, one reader at a time. 


Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr



Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr is co-founder of Lexplore and a researcher in reading at the Marianne Bernadotte Centre, Karolinska Institutet. He is a computational linguist, and his research focuses on measuring and analyzing eye movements to create greater understanding of how vision works in health and disease under everyday circumstances such as reading, interpreting images, or facial recognition. 

About Tobii

Tobii is a global company with offices located in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, supported by a global network of resellers.

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About BrainLeap

BrainLeap’s gaze-driven video games nurture attention skills that improve academic outcomes for struggling students. Brainleap’s games are controlled using eye tracking technology to encourage foundational attention skills at an early age. 

About Lexplore

Lexplore provides reading assessment solutions based on eye tracking and artificial intelligence for schools across the world. With powerful research findings and revolutionary technology, Lexplore are reimagining what EdTech can be.

More on how eye tracking works

Eye tracking is a sensor technology that enables a computer or any other machine to determine what the user is looking at – the gaze point. Not only can eye tracking provide unique and unseen insights into human behavior, it also paves the way for technology that responds intuitively to user attention and interaction.  

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