We help our customers on their journey from innovation to commercialization—building systems with intuitive interfaces, solving problems that improve life quality, and leveraging data that forms the foundations of the products of tomorrow.​

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We develop eye tracking—a catalyst technology with a significant role to play in the development of innovative machines.

Can it be a catalyst for you?


Technology and people in harmony​

Eye tracking is a sensor technology that enables a computer or any other machine to determine what the user is looking at—the gaze point.


Hardware, software and services​

Our flexible product portfolio includes a range of peripherals, compact integration platforms, and the services you need to realize your innovation.


A catalyst for innovation​

Healthcare, PC, and gaming are some of the early adopters who have turned to eye tracking to develop their next-gen, innovative products.


See how eye tracking works
To illustrate what you can do with eye tracking in our Concept Validation Tool, one of our developers has created a short film.

Recent Blog

Finding the keys to scalability — democratizing brain-health assessment

This is the SyncThink story, and how they brought research connecting eye movements with brain trauma into a commercialized VR solution on the Pico Neo 2 Eye, with native Tobii eye tracking.

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Latest press release

Tobii Aware Software Enhances Privacy and Security Features for new line of Acer Commercial PCs

October 5, 2021

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Our aim is to provide you with the technology and expertise to integrate eye tracking in your products and solutions. Together, we can create a world where technology works in harmony with natural human behavior.

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