Frequently asked questions about Tobii Aware

Here are some of the questions OEMs frequently ask us about implementing Tobii Aware on their devices

Tobii Aware is a smart sensor solution that makes the most out of your compatible camera by delivering a range of smart features for privacy and security, productivity and wellbeing, as well as power and performance savings.

Tobii Aware has been available since 2016, and currently ships on the Lenovo Yoga A940, Lenovo ThinkCentre M90A, ThinkCentre M70A.

Privacy and security — increase security and the sense of privacy through user identification and presence detection with automated blur and screen-lock functionalities.

  • Privacy screen (normal, high, and highest privacy modes)
  • Tobii continuous ID — screen contents blur when the user looks away and un-blurs when the correct active user looks back at the screen.
  • Auto-lock Windows — automatically locks Windows when no user is present. 

Productivity and wellbeing — raise productivity and convenience with handy gaze-controlled features and digital health indicators. Wellbeing provides screen-time, time since last break, and distance from screen. Productivity features include multi-monitor navigation, which leverages user attention to snap windows or the cursor to your gaze point, and automated turn on screen and stay awake based on presence, and wake on approach.  

Power and performance — save power and CPU performance in a natural and unobtrusive way with screens that dim and undim based on whether the user is sitting in front of their screen (presence) and if they are looking at the screen (attention).

Tobii Aware is a software package that relies on data generated by firmware and hardware components, such as sensors and camera lenses. Tobii Aware is shipped in the Tobii Experience App, which installs on initial computer setup, through the Microsoft Store, and allows you to change default settings.   

The minimum system requirements for Tobii Aware are an RGB camera module running on Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later, with 2.0 GHz, Intel i5 or i7, 8 GB RAM.

Features on RGB and NIR Aware are same. However, NIR may perform better in poor light conditions.

We evaluate custom features on a case-by-case basis with our partners.

Tobii Aware is shipped in the Tobii Experience App, which installs on initial computer setup through the Microsoft Store. On first use, users must accept the EULA before being granted access to the Tobii Experience app.

You can control and change settings for the individual features for Tobii Aware through the Tobii Experience App. Settings vary from device to device and on whether or not your device is running Tobii Aware or Tobii Eye Tracking.

Support for Tobii Aware is currently provided for Windows 10, with support for Windows Core OS coming soon. Support for Chrome OS and macOS is not yet available.

Tobii Aware is always on by default. However, it can be turned on and off or uninstalled by the user in the Tobii Experience App.

Currently, Tobii Aware supports Windows Hello NIR, RGB hybrid cameras, RGB cameras. Sensor fusion with ToF sensors is under evaluation.

  • For Windows Hello NIR, the infrared sensor is always on.
  • For RGB, the camera is always on.
  • For Aware RGB and ToF (sensor fusion), the sensor is on when needed, which means that it is off most of the time.

No. Camera images are not stored locally nor are they transmitted over internet. However, for Tobii Continuous ID, face descriptors that include feature points — no images — are stored locally.

No, Tobii Aware does not capture video.

Tobii Aware can run on devices with Modern Standby. However, Tobii Aware RGB requires ToF sensor fusion to wake the device from this state.

No. Tobii Aware does not run out-of-the-box for USB Windows Hello NIR or RGB web cameras. It can, however, be achieved with additional firmware, drivers, and some development work.

Performance can depend on ambient lighting conditions, the presence of bright light from the back or side, noisy sensor or camera images, Illumination / LED intensity, lens, and system and CPU loads.

Yes. Currently Tobii Aware algorithms are trained for sensor placements at the top of the screen.

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